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Prayer Request
If you would like to make a prayer request please e-mail:


You can give as much, or as little, detail as you wish.

Just let us know what you would like published.

Remember, our prayers are always answered - even if we
cannot always interpret the results

When we ask for Padre Pio's intercession we should remember, in our prayers, all the others below, who also seek his help.
Many private intentions are sent in - please pray for them too.
Marisa - Switzerland - Had gone missing on 30th January and was found two days later. RIP. Please pray for her soul.
Margarette - I am about to get married and doubts are setting in. I hope it is just nerves but pray that we will be ok and happy and have a strong love and peace.
Marjanne - US - has been fighting Cancer for several years now. Having been rushed to hospital, indications are that her body might be too tired to recover. She has always been very positive and has carried this cross with out complaining. Please pray for her and her family. Collette.
Janice - Please heal my friend Janice from her liver and bone cancer and enhance peoples faith as a result. Please make her aware that you have healed her and confound the medical profession. Margaret
Dear St. Pio, please give my son and his wife, jobs that they will live for the Glory of God and the salvation of all mankind. Let them see the Mercy of God in their lives and come to the Blessed Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. Margaret
Navi - has many and varied intentions, please pray for him.
Guert - Netherlands - has just undergone surgery for a brain tumour, please pray for his recovery.
Juan - Hello I need prayers. I want to be cured physically and spiritually. I ask Padre Pio's interception
Carla - Philippines - please pray for me that i will pass my toefl exam tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers.
Kyle - Please pray for my newborn son, Kyle healing. Last November 25, 2011, I gave birth to a 5.6lbs baby boy @ Manila Doctors Hospital, he was only 35 weeks (premature), I need to deliver early due to pregnancy induced hypertension. Currently, my son is still under observation at NICU ( I was discharge yest and left him in the hospital) due to his premature lungs. He was put on Compressed Air machine to help with his breathing and lung development. He also has jaundice and is under photo theraphy. I would like to request to please include him in your prayers and healing mass intentions. I know prayers can do wonders for my son. He is my 2nd child, having a 10 year old son as my first. There's nothing impossible if we pray and trust in the Lord. Thank you so much and God bless. Maricon
Maryann - asks for help with a relationship.
Helen - Please pray for Helen in Scotland who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Helen has been advised by doctors that she has maximum of six months to live. This news has shocked Helen and all of her family and friends. I am praying to Padre Pio for a miracle. Would you kindly remember Helens husband. daughters and extended family in your prayers also. They are not coping, all are devastated. Helen is only just 58 years of age and was looking forward to spending quality time with her husband now that the family are grown. Please Padre Pio restore Helen to good health and allow her more time in this life to be with her family and friends.Thank you.
Juliana - NZ - My granddaughter is taken by Social warefare and is in a Welfare Home. I desperately need Prayers to Padre Pio. She is 12 and like some 12yrs old they get bossy and yell and refuse to go to school. This is part of growing up. She is beautiful and a good child at home for the last 3 months. She willingly would carry out all kinds of chores at home and absolutely love being with me and loves me. Every child should be given 2nd chance. I am so sorry and sad. Please Pray somehow she gets to come back home to me - I am her world and she is being swept away from her roots. Please help. I need a Miracle ....Thanks Juliana
Irene - Ireland -Please St.Pio intercede for me to Jesus and Mary for healing from depression and fear. Help me to get through day with my chores and looking after my family. l pray that each day in some small way l will get better and better.
Cora - Papa Pio - Please pray for my husband whose illness has yet to be diagnosed but has been suffering with pain. Please heal him and show nothing serious on all his medical tests. Blessings and Love
Marc- Dear Padre Pio, our amazing son, brother and boyfriend has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer at the age of 28. We ask for your prayers to give him the strength and courage to get through his treatments and to heal him so that he may have the long, healthy life he so deserves. Please pray for our family too as we all prepare to help him through this journey and witness the power of your healing ways. All our faith and trust in you, Marc's loving family
Judith - US - I'm an Anerican Muralist of sacred art for the church having painted over forty years. I have made a proposal for the new retirement home for priests at San Giovanni Rotondo in Italy. I have a chronic back, degenerative spine and need prayer for a healing so I can continue with my call in Sacred Art. I'm 71 years of age now and hope for a long life in painting the sacred word of the Lord. Also have a work in the future in Amman, Jordon. I know God can supply all my needs. It would be my great joy to paint for Padre Pio and will ask his prayers for these needs. Thank you and Blessings, Judith
Bears - New Zealand - Loving Father, we pray in the Name of Jesus Christ for Marie and her son and for our ongoing problems with our home..
Maria R - Please could you pray for the conversion of Michael and Vincent who are both suffering greatly at present.
Diane - US - is battling breast cancer. She has opted not to have any more Chemo treatments because she was told it would not cure her. She is depending on the healing power of God and Natural treatment. She is in God’s hands, but I know this is difficult for her and her family. Collette.
Alana - Please, I ask prayers for two friends, for their marriage and their conversion. Thank you
Millia - Dear San Pio, please reunite us back so we can restart a beautiful relationship once again. I will be ever so grateful for this favour of yours.
R - We are being Evicted and need a mortgage and a home. God bless
Fr John Ceresoli of St Alphonsus at the Barras in Glasgow passed away at 10pm on the 22nd of October.
A lovely priest, now home with Padre Pio. We are indebted to him for the Masses he offered in honour of Padre Pio
Emy - our daughter is scheduled for surgery on Monday, if not sooner. She meets with her doctors tomorrow. It is a large tumor of some sort in her pelvic/abdominal area - things are a bit sketchy. She has a good attitude. Thank you again for your prayers for our beloved daughter. Mirla & Bill
Evelyn - has been diagnosed with cancer in two places please pray for her recovery and for her family.
Margaret - has terminal pancreatic cancer, please pray for her and her family.
James - is thought to have throat cancer, please pray for him and his family.
Alec - is being tested for cancer, please pray for him and his family.
Anthony - Prayer request for marriage restoration. Due to mistakes I've made, my spouse is asking for a divorce. We are currently separated. I have had a conversion of heart and mind and spirit and do not want this divorce. I pray to the Lord my wife can see these changes. I know the Lord hates divorce. I pray Jesus can work his miracle to soften her heart and break down the walls between us. I pray the Lord can intervene and save this marriage and save my 3 children from the affects of divorce. Ease my anxiety and any anxiety of my children and wife. I ask you, humbly, Jesus, to hear my prayers. Thank You for all your blessings, I love You.
Christine - please cure my daughter christine as she lies in hospital,, in a coma, dying of cancer. Please make her wake up and be free of all illness and let her live and be healthy again I beg you please dont let her die.. please grant me this miracle.. thank you father.. amen
John Francis - has been in hospital, in a coma, since last May after being hit by a car more than once. He has brain damage and many complications but I feel nothing is impossible for God through Jesus Christ and the intercession of St. Pio. Teresa.
Joan - Please pray for my father Fernando for he is recovering from stroke. He is severely depressed right now. I am praying for the reconciliation,forgiveness and peace of mind for my family. I also pray for the grace and guidance
Claire - Please help me pray for my special intention. I"m 35 years old and single. Please pray that God may send me the man He wants for me to marry. I really want to have my own family. I am also asking that you pray for a special friend..Thank you.
Martina - Please pray for two people that I love very dearly. Their faith is so weak, I ask prayers for their conversion to Christ and their marriage. I've prayed very much too and I'm highly devoted to St.Pio.
Allen - Padre Pio please pray to god shower blessing on my entire family specially my mom , dad , mother in law who are suffering from various diseases. Cure them padre pio help them to live a healthy life. Padre pio bless me and my wife on our married life so that we live happily always. I have lots of financial problems., help me padre pio to clear each and every penny I owe to others. Padre pio please help me to stop all my bad habits and lead a healthy life. Padre pio please give me support and job security so that I look after my parents and wife and keep them happy my entire life. Padre pio help my sister to get a job job and please enlighten her mind and start a new life, help her to come back to the family leaving behind her past life.. Help me to keep the faith alive within me until I die. Grant me with loads of blessings and happiness.
And I also pray for the entire people of world to grant them peace and love .Please ask forgiveness for my sins with Jesus Christ. Thank you Padre pio.
Ann - Dear Padre Pio, Please pray for our Canadian immigration application and for the good future for my family.I pray for more blessings and good oppurtunities to come.I 'm also praying for the US tourist visa that were trying to get on November.Bless my family with good health,more love,guidance,prosperity and grace.I also pray for the reconciliation and forgiveness for my family.
Joe - is very ill in hospital. His family are with him. Let's remember them all in our prayers asking the Eternal Father to bring healing to Joe and peace to all.
Norma - Padre Pio please I pray that you intercede for me. I please please want that job that I have been praying about and to give me wisdom and intelligence to overcome obstacles. Please keep in prayer. I ask all these in Jesus name, holy spirit and our father in heaven. Amen. P. S. I also pray for all my love ones to always be safe. Amen.
Acton - Please pray for the healing of my marriage. My husband and I are separated and he is actively pursuing divorce. He left the faith. Please pray that he comes back to the Church and to me
Cynthia - Please pray for my children to find a job soon. and peace in our home . thank you.
Donna - US - Please pray for a very special intention. On this wonderful feast day of Padre Pio, I ask his intercession for this request to be done swiftly and without any obstacles to delay the process. Please help.
Samantha - Dear Padre Pio please pray on this feast day to heal and save my relationship. I pray everyday for the same thing and have felt your presence and smelled the roses but for some reason things have not gotten better between us they have only gotten alot worse. I am at my mercy right now because I don't know what else I can do. In the Bible it says ''Ask and You Shall Receive'', ''Knock and You Shall Find''. I am asking but only to find that there is no improvement.
Ella Marie - US - Newly born Ella Maria has as a birth defect with her right heart valve. A procedure through her groin will hopefully open up the valve and allow blood flow through her heart then distribute oxygen through out her body. Right now they are medicating her to keep it opened. Please pray for her and the doctors that we will be depending on.
In the love of Christ. Collette.
Gerri - US - Padre Pio, I pray to you for a miracle by the grace of God, and the power of the Holy Spirit and our Blessed Mother Mary, and her son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I ask Padre Pio to miraculously bless me with a financial blessing for I am in dire straits, I must pay all of my debts, debtors, and provide for my children. Please answer this prayer.
Leah - Heavenly Father, I ask you for the grace of sustaining a good relationship so that we can enjoy the fullness of our relationship as a couple. I believe that he's the man You preserved for me through the years. Please be merciful enough to help us survive all the trials of our relationship. In Jesus mighty name and through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the angels and saints in heaven, we will be victorious. AMEN!
Carmen - Please I beg you to pray for me and family. I have a wonderful husband and three young kids. I got an infection and I passed it into my beautiful family. I go to church every day now and beg someone help me in heaven to start all over again I need your prayers thanks.
Florence - Padre Pio pray for me so that I get a good job.
Paul - Please pray for my daughter to pass her Diagnostic test and to secure admission in the new school for 2nd grade.
Diane - Please pray for my friend Diane who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Ron
Margaret - I would like to send a prayer request to padre pio begging him for help. I am 51 years old and female, I have suffered from diabetis for most of my life in fact from the age of 15. In later years I have been suffering from diabetic neuropothy and have blocked arteries making walking very very difficult for me, please please help me to walk a bit easier and safer, this means more to me than anything. I am begging for help.
Jill - Dear Padre Pio, please intercede for me so that I immediately get the job that I have been praying for. Help me become healthy and fit. Uplift my spirits and be with me at all times. Transform me so that I'm like you and of use to humanity and God. Thank you.
Sherrie - I pray in the precious name of Jesus, to protect, guide and bless my husband Hari in his work and bless gim with an amazing life. bless our marriage mightly full of
the Lord's grace!
Shanaka - Please Pray for my family's health and our many intentions regarding our daily life.
Dana & Bobby - US - Dear Padre Pio Prayer Group, Please pray for me as I have been diagnosed with myeloma and I am also recovering from breast cancer. Please pray also for my husband, Bobby. Thank you so very much and may God bless you all. Dana.
J - Brazil - O my most dearly beloved saint, Thank you for listening to the petition of mine in the past. Please help me even now, please show me the will of god and pray to bring that holy will into reality into my life. Please help me by your prayers and obtain for me my vocation.
M - Dear St.Padre Pio, Please intercede for my husband and I for peace and forgiveness from pending divorce. Let there be a conversion of heart for us both for our believe in our marriage vows. Let there be reconciliation and peace with his parents too. Thank you.
William - Dear Padre Pio will you please intercede for me that I get the job that I have been praying for soon.
Tina - Please pray that my sister Tina has a place to stay until she finds work. Pray that she finds a job soon. Thanks, Nancy
My brother - having recovered from skin cancer now finds he has bowel cancer. He has just lost partner whom he nursed through terminal cancer. Please pray for him, Kim.
Alexander - Dear Padre Pio in Scotland Community,
If possible please offer up the intentions in my long e-mail in your daily round of prayers:
(Entrusting all to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, St. Padre Pio, all the Angels and Saints and with all the Souls in Purgatory)
PJ - US - Please pray that Padre Pio obtains for me a job. I need one now. I know he will obtain it you pray.
Dad - Ireland - Dear Padre Pio will you please intercede for our dad who was battling cancer quite successfully but now has suffered a stroke.We are long time devotees of Padre Pio in Ireland.At the moment we feel very upset and abandoned.Padre Pio restore him to health. Attracta
Please pray for me to get job/ career and accepted by the agency as I made application, no more rejections- pray for that. Pray asking Holy Spirit speak to agents and I get work and represented by them this time.
Agoes - Please pray to Padre Pio on our behalf, as I will have a CT scan looking for possible tumor. I am very scared for the results. Please pray to Padre Pio so that my health can be restored and I am allowed to continue a better life and more fruitful in God's eyes. Thank you very much.
Albert - Please help us pray to Padre Pio that He will touch and heal my brother Albert. He will have bronchoscopy 7/6 and with Padre Pio's intercession we pray the outcome is good. Thank you.
My friend - is in trouble he is trying to clear whatever is outstanding and that jesus blesses him and he is cleared of all charges and is not sent to prison. he has a family to take care off and the lord blesses him and forgives him for the wrong he has done. Thank you, regards, Cheryl.
Alex -Scotland - is having bypass surgery please pray for him. Anne.
Please will you pray for my mother who is 86 and house bound also her sister 88 in the same position. Thank you, Robert
Someone who is like a sister to me has many problems troubling her and needs our prayers. R.
Harry age 11 - Scotland - will undergo a major operation, lasting over 12 hours, on 7th June, please pray for him.
Nana & Granda
Anna - India - Please pray to Padre Pio for the raise in salary that is still pending and which is making me so depressed. Amen
Geraldine - Ireland - Padre Pio please I am afraid I have lost Gary . My heart is in so much pain and I am so lonely. I pray that he comes back to me, but fear he won't, please I pray he has a change of heart.
Please intercede for me .
Jenni - US - is having some health issues with her heart - please pray for her ;this world needs people like Jenni. She is an
inspiration to many a great help to many underprivileged people and for sure a great wife mom and friend.
Thank you, God bless, Lidija.
BMCLC - Please pray to St. Padre Pio on our behalf - my request is that we move home. We have a very nice house but we live in a very negative community - we feel emotionally and mentally upset having to remain here - its really had a very bad impact on my husband and I and of late we notice it in our children. I do not require a bigger or better house we would not care what type of house it is - so please understand my prayer is not materialistic - I just want to enjoy my children and husband and they want the same and this is something we cannot achieve while living here. Please pray for us to St. Padre Pio. I hope you will feel free to publish this and may St. Padre Pio answer all of your prayers. From bmclc
Marie - Please plead the blood of Jesus over my son and my life. Pray for God to bring a total end to the spiritual battles coming against us through the planes and helicopters. If not, pray for someone to bring the authorities in to this situation to bring it all to an end, with God's justice held up high.
Pray for complete total permanent long term deliverance for my son and I. It is years of being spiritually beaten. Pray for God to make a way for us Proverbs 3 5:6 Please pray for God's light to saturate our situation and for the light to be a lamp at our feet. For all hidden secrets behind the problem to be revealed to us. WE need someone to rescue us. Pray for God to save our lives. Thank you and God bless Marie
Boniface -Asks for help for his family and friends.
PJ - US - Please pray that Padre Pio obtains for me a job. I need one now. I know he will obtain it you pray.
Kathleen - Scotland - Her cancer has returned and she is having chemotherapy. Please pray for this lovely person.
Monica - Please join with me in a prayer for my fiance. and I, we are going through difficult times.
Lalith - Thank you Lord Jesus all the blessings you have given me & my family.  Please pray for for all my family to be
blessed with  good health & peace of mind and that we will not be stressed. Please pray that I do well in my studies.
Please pray for Sita too. Finally, please pray that we will all live as a united Christian family.
Thank You & God Bless You.
Janice - Scotland - is going through a seven hour op tomorow 1st March to replace cheek bone. She has already had eye
socket removed.
Sabina - For miracles and answered prayers. For financial blessings and new beginnings in my life. For blessings in all
areasof my life. To bless family and friends and for financial blessings and blessings in all area of life. For our protection.
Mages - Please pray for my boyfriend kumar who has cancer stage 4. He is due for major ops to remove his voicebox and tumor in his brain. dear lord, pls help pray that his cancer disappears. He has gone thru so much in life. pls god have mercy on him with your love, grace, blessings please help cure him from cancer with yourmiracle. we need  your miracle.pls god help us. Thank you
Cameron - Jesus, please restore and secure my present job. Please pray for me Mama Mary. Intercede with me Saint Padre Pio. In Jesus name I beg thee. Amen
Anja - Netherlands - A tumour has been found on her breast and she is awaiting the biopsy results. Please pray for her. Ron.
Flaherty - Need urgent prayer, very ill. Thank you.
Mike - please take away my tumour.
Josie - Please ask Padre Pio to ask our Saviour Jesus Christ to please not ever let her have any cancer of any kind in her
body.  Not now and not ever.  Please have mercy on all of us dear Jesus and dear Saint Pio as we are your Spiritual Children
and ask this favour from you.  We thank you, honour you and cherish your great love forever. Rigo.
Lloyd - a confidential prayer request
Halley Angel - is a 6-month baby girl inside her mother's womb. Baby Halley was diagnosed to have a Potter's .Syndrome and
is not expected to live.
Adriana - St. Padre Pio, please pray to for my friend's daughter Adriana. She needs a miracle to live longer. She is struggling
at this moment to live. She only is 16 years old and there are so many dreams for her and for the family. St. Padre Pio pray to
my Holy, Almight, and Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Please intervene for this child of God.
Thank you for listening to my prayers.  Teresa
Tina - US - Has just been diagnosed with Meningitis.  Tina’s husband works in Africa and comes home ever three months. He
was on his way back to Africa when she became ill.  She has one son age ten and a 6 month old baby girl. Thank you, Collette.
Chris - England - I pray that you will intercede to the Lord our God to enable me to overcome the crippling anxiety and worry
that has for 35 years burdened me.God knows my concern and cause of anxiety.God has helped me to overcome by his grace so many obstacles,pray for me Father Pio that Jesus will eliminate the cause of so much worry and bless me and my family.
Thank you.
Emily - Please pray for my mother, Emily, that she be healed from her stroke, that she wake up completely, that she be
strengthened, protected, and that God grant her a full and miraculous recovery. Thank you, Kitty

Brid- Ireland - Please pray for my mum, Brid, in Ireland, who has a brain tumour and needs our prayers. Aoife
Emily - Please pray for my mother, Emily, that she be healed from her stroke, that she wake up completely, that she be
strengthened, protected, and that God grant her a full and miraculous recovery. Thank you. Kitty.
Brian - US - I am writing to ask for prayers for our son, Brian, who will be having surgery this Thursday.  It will to be to repair
the damage done during a plane crash.  He has four broken bones in his nose, 3 to 4 fractures in his forehead, one fracture over his eye socket, and his forehead was compressed back about ¾ of an inch.  They will open his forehead and place a metal plate with screws in it for healing. Collette. SEE UPDATE
Apolinaria - Please Pray for my Grandmother APOLINARIA MOSELINA RAZON she's still in the hospital with congestive heart failure, fluid in the lungs and kidney problem. Doctors says she might have cardiac arrest. Marie. SEE UPDATE
Patty - US - Recently died, place pray for her and her husband and children.
Monsignor Franzinelli - US - is 89 and sufffering from Cellulitis.
Abbie - US - is a child with a brain tumor.
Bill - US - has multiple, benign tumors, coupled with multiple basal cell carcinomas and unfortunately, his son has taken after
his dad. Please pray for both.
Olga - US - has just underwent a double mastectomy.
Phil - England - Dear friends of  ST PIO, I need urgent prayers for my daughter's husband. He has brain injuries and is in the
neurological unit of Plymouth Hospital . May almighty God be merciful and heal him and  please Padre Pio I am relying on
your intercession. Divine mercy we  trust in you and thank you.
Austin - Scotland - diagnosed with cancer. SEE UPDATE
Addison - Please pray for my daughter Addison, who turned 9 months old today. Please ask the Lord to take away from
Addison whatever illness, disease, or infection has entered her body. Please ask him to give her health and to let her
experience the great miracle of healing and our Lord's mercy. Thank you.
Araxy - please i please you to pray that God give me the love of the young man (his name is Arthur) whom i love myself so
deeply as i want to make family with him, this is too much important for me as i nearly have no one to pray with me, i am
despaired....i also have financial problems that cause me many difficulties to solve which i dare to ask you to pray as they
cause me too many problems... please i need prayers for these matters. Thank You very much. GOD Bless You! Amen
P.S. i believe that Dear Padre Pio hears us and i do believ that our Lord and Love us! AMEN
Corazon - Philipines - Good Day. My wife Corazon requests for a prayer for healing of her sickness. We are Roman Catholic
living in Philippines. My wife is suffering anxieties, stress and irritable bowel syndrome ever since she reach the age of
pre-menopause. Thank you very much and God Bless. Jhul

Justin - Dear St. Padre Pio I kindly request for your immediate miracle prayer for me to get an immediate financial help from
my sponser Mr.Alawi. Dear St.Padre I am 47 yrs old and I am a disabled person and i am struggling in my whole life and I am
struggling financially very badly and having a hard time. Dear St.Padre Pio I am sinner and please forgive my sin and bless me
right now. Thank you St.Padre Pio, you are in heaven, Justin
WJM - New Zealand - Dear St Pio, Kindly pray for my family as my wife & I are having trouble in our marriage & this is very
much affecting our loving son. Help us to love one another & to remain united with God through your prayers. Pray for my
wife to forgive her in laws & all those who have hurted her. St Pio, Help me to get rid of my anger, abuse, fustration which I
take out on my family. Help us to be good parents to our son.Come into our lives St Pio & take away from us all that is
negetive. St Pio,
Kind bless my wife as she is studing fulltime & always be with her during her exams. Help her to excel in her studies & please
grant me the grace of obtaining a full time job. St Pio, please accept us as your spritual child. Love you St Pio forever, W.J.M 
Donna & Kyle - Please pray for: my friend, Donna , age 50,  recently diagnosed with breast cancer and will have
surgery May 27, 2010 followed by radiation treatments my son Kyle,, age 11, diagnosed with high functioning autism
at age 4. Thank you, Diana
Dear Padre Pio, Please pray for a cloistered sister from India who has professed final vows but has left the congregation to
return back to the monastery. Please pray to Jesus to have mercy on her and grant her the grace of perseverance. Xavier.
Gabriella - in London - My daughter Gabriella was born at gestation of 24 weeks 5 days. She has been in ICU for more than
5 months, now she is suffering from breathing problems, at the moment doctors,have got no more options except to let her go, 
I would kindly ask intercession of Padre Pio through this great need. Please pray for her. May our lord bless you all. Amen.
Love Petronilla.
Andrea - in US - My prayer request would be that Andrea be strengthened by God’s spirit to live her life for God’s greater
glory. Wednesday of this week Andrea and I had a difficult day.  We were very sad and felt scared. Yesterday, we felt God’s
grace and knew he had given us a gift to accept the news of her going back to surgery today.  She is in ICU and is in a lot of
pain, but she is still with us so I will give Thanks to the Lord for all of your prayers.
May God be with all of us, Love, Collette. SEE UPDATE
Harry - in Scotland - has Spina Bifida and will need our prayers on an ongoing basis.
Rowena - in Holland - has Spina Bifida and will need our prayers on an ongoing basis.
Thomas - Scotland - has Cystic Fibrosis and needs our prayers now and on anonging basis for himself and his family..
Telma - in US - I would like to send my humble prayer request to Padre Pio on behalf of my mother Telma Ferrari so she can
achieve spiritual and physical healing from her tumor. God bless you all Fernando
Kathleen - in Scotland has died from Breast Cancer - please remember her.
Cynthia - in US - was taken into emergency with a very high elevated blood pressure, with blood going into the brain. Let us
storm heaven, please God!...May Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, St. Joseph and all His Saints intercede for Cynthia, that she fully
ecover. May Jesus and Mary be praised forever!  Thank you!
Mariano - in US - Dear Padre Pio I need your divine intercession to our Blessed Mother of God to please pray for my health
concerns, my job security. Please heal whatever illnesses I have, please heal my wife & her concerns , my mother health & her
concerns, my sister Gemma and her concerns and also my Uncle Vicente Sales cancer. Padre Pio  you promise 40 years ago
that even though you are no longer w/ us you still performs miracle to those who devote in you and ask for your Divine
I intercession. Please I need your intercession to our Blessed Mother Mary, Please pray for for us Padre Pio.
Padre Pio, Pray for us. Amen
Anne - in Scotland - Very special prayers are asked for Anne, No details available as yet.
Sue - in US, grandmother of Andrea above, is dying of natural causes, pray for a peaceful passing. Sue died on the 14th March
peacefully - please pray now for the repose of her soul.
Alistair - in Scotland, diagnosed with a brain tumour.
Cecilia - in Scotland - seriously ill with a brain tumour.
Marilyn - in US - just diagnosed with cancer. Marilyn has now died, please pray for her.
Theresa - in US - bleeding regularly, cause unknown..
Alice - in US - just diagnosed with lung cancer.
Randy Kunza - in US - Lidija Kunza (Interpreter for Medjugorje visionaries) has requested prayers for her husband Randy. He
has been diagnosed with Colon Cancer. Thank you!... +JMJ. Peace and blessings, p
Peter - in Scotland - paralysed after a vehicle accident
Diane - in Scotland - paralysed after a vehicle accident. SEE UPDATE
Louise - in England - a cancer patient. Louise was born with other problems and now has to deal with cancer as well. Please
pray for her.
Bill Watts - in Australia has terminal oesophageal cancer - please pray for him. SEE UPDATE
Gino Di Bono - in Scotland -has had a heart attack - please pray for him, he is very ill. SEE UPDATE
Alberindo Grimani - in Italy - one of our contributors has had a stroke - please pray for him. SEE UPDATE


- Don - Bill - Marilyn - Sue - Alice - Patty - Gabriella - Apolinaria - Kathleen - Diane -

UPDATE: on Anja: Anja is now about to start chemotherapy after a Mastectomy. She still needs our prayers.
UPDATE on Gabriella: I would like to thank Padre Pio and all devotee of Padre Pio for there intercession; My daughter
Gabriella who was born prematurely, 24 week, 5 days, died on birthday of Padre Pio on 25/05/2010.
May The Lord rest her soul in peace. Amen Thanks Petronilla - London
UPDATE on Apolinaria: Apolinaria Razon died Oct 23, 2010.  Please pray for her soul.
UPDATE on Brian: Brian will only have to have surgery on his nose this Thursday.  The plastic surgeon said it is
unnecessary to put a plate in. He says that his fractures will heal on their own and that because we have two layers to our skull
the one protecting the brain has not been damaged.  He will have a good strong skull.  After all the swelling has gone down he
will then insert injections in his forehead to fill in the empty spaces.  Thanks be to God!!
UPDATE on Austin: This is to let you know that Austin has come through his 9 hour surgery and all went according to plan
The doctors are very pleased with him and he is presently in the high dependency unit.
Thank you for your prayers and may I ask you to continue to pray for Austin and his family.
UPDATE on Don: Don died peacefully with his family and friends at his side - please pray for the repose of his soul.
UPDATE on Andrea: "I will first start by saying thank you for all the prayers. Andrea’s surgery today was 3.5 hours or so.
She is in ICU and pray she will have a safe night.  Her stomach was full of blood. They had no time to get her blood from Salt
Lake City so they used O+ and she would not have made the flight to SLC so thankfully the doctors went in and found the
bleeding and was able to stop it.  She didn’t have the will to live this time.  I made her tell me before she went in that she would
fight and she did. I have so much inside that I need to get out, but all I will do right now is give Praise to God for letting her live.
I have given Thanks to Jesus for all of you. With Love, Collette" (Andrea's Mum).
"I have been very blessed through out this illness to have such special people who are praying for me and putting me on pray lists
around the world, the power of prayer has really gotten me through this and is the best journey that I have ever felt."
Thank you again, Peace and Love, Andrea
UPDATE on Diane: Diane died recently from complications.
Diane is now home but will continue to need our prayers as she rebuilds her life. Diane in good spirits. Although been told she
will never walk again. Keep the prayers going... please.
 "I am so very grateful for all your prayers. I have no parents, no family, and thought I was alone. I could never have imagined
that there would be so many around me, and so many prayers from so far away. My friends have become my family. I cannot
express my immense gratitude.  Thank you all so much."
Diane is adamant she has some feeling but can't convince her doctors. Her home is being adapted for her going hime in May.
Keep the prayers going that she is right.
UPDATE on Alice:Alice was rushed to the ER
She was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, is on oxygen to help with her breathing, and is being
readied to start her treatments. Thank you for your prayers.
November '09
UPDATE on Alberindo:
A friend has told us Alberindo is making slow but steady progress and was even home for a few days
recently. December '08
Alberindo is now home and receiving physiotherapy. February '09
Alberindo has his licence back (provisional only at this stage) and is hoping to start driving again soon.
October '09
UPDATE on Gino: We have received the following e-mail update on Gino.
Dear "Padre Pio in Scotland",

Thank you for the message on your website and the prayers of yourself and others. They worked!
Gino regained consciousness but is still very ill having had three operations. The prognosis is not clear.
He was visited in hospital by family and friends at Christmas. This is a small miracle as originally he
was not given a chance.
The hospital care was marvellous apparently, but thanks must ultimately be due to God, Padre Pio
and your prayers.

God Bless you all,

"A Family Member"
UPDATE on Bill:
Bill died in early May with his family and friends around him. Thank you for your prayers.

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