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Padre Pio in Scotland
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An account of a visit to San Salvatore in Lauro
The picture below was taken at 5pm, (about 15 June 2002), in the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome.
We were keen to find out more about this wooden sculpture and in particular its current whereabouts.
We appealed for help and have finally been successful. Our contributor, who made the initial enquiry, continued his search and has come up with the following information and pictures.

"What great luck. I gave a copy of my original photograph to my Italian  language teacher, a few months ago. I expected to hear no more. But it was sent on to a sister who lives in Rome. The priest in charge at the Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore, where I took the original picture, could not remember it, but an elderly lady who runs the repository there did. The sculpture is in San Salvatore in Lauro church in Rome. The two pictures (nos 2 and 3), and the church brochure was received yesterday. I've looked at the Church website itself, but there is no clue that it is there, so I don't know its name or the name of the artist. I assume it has been there since 2002. Perhaps you might have a look. I will go to see it myself, maybe later on this year.
Please feel free to add this information to your website page.
Best regards,"

Ifyou can help further please e-mail us at info@padrepioinscotland.org.uk

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The original picture close up of the wooden staue
The original picture close up
The original picture of the wooden statue
The original picture
New picture No 2 of the wooden statue
New picture No 2
New Picture No 3 of the wooden statue
New Picture No 3
San Salvatore in Lauro

San Salvatore in Lauro, Romew
San Salvatore in Lauro, Rome

An account of a visit to San Salvatore in Lauro

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