Floral arrangement
Padre Pio in Scotland
Floral arrangement
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An account of a visit to San Salvatore in Lauro

While walking across the Ponto San'Angelo we saw a notice advertising the exposition of the relics of St Pio as
part of a Novena in the run up to the feast day in San Salvatore in Lauro.  We had forgotten that the "statue"
had been "re-discovered" in San Salvatore in Lauro.  The last time that we saw it was at the canonisation in St
Mary Major church.
I was speaking to one of the Ladies of the parish who said that Don Pietro had been PP in St Mary Majors up
until 4 years ago, but when he was moved, he took the statue with him.  The removal men earned their money
that day!!!
The bust of St Pio was a gift to Don Pietro from (the lady said P Paul VI, which after looking at the leaflet on
your website, would have made him 16 when Paul VI died), but if you look at the base of the bust you can just
about make out the crest of JP II which, would be more consistant.  The bust itself is solid silver, with a relic
beside the picture of St Pio.
The 2 reliquiries have scabs from the stigmata.  Don Pietro has a second mitten which is in a gold case.  As part
of the Novena, each night after Mass he gives the blessing with the second mitten.  It was the lady that I spoke
to, who told us to come back that night for the blessing.  It was nice that we found the church be accident and
then received the blessing, it was as though we were guided there
The main altar is dedicated, as you can see,  to Our Lady of Loretto, which again brought back memories of
The lady that I spoke did not like the "new tomb" which seems to be an opinion shared by many Italians.  She
told me that PP had interceded for her and cured her of some serious illness, and testimony was given by a
Doctor of the parish.

Jim & Cathy
The 2 reliquiries have scabs from the stigmata of Padre Pio
The main altar - dedicated to Our Lady of Loreto
The stand with the 2 reliquiries
A habit of Padre Pio's
The bust of St Pio was a gift to Don Pietro from Pope JPII

The altar with the relics

Closer view of the altar with the relics

The Wooden Cross Statue

Certificate of Authenticity for the relic

Floral banner
Padre Pio was particularly fond of flowers
"God Bless You" message with Bible and floral background