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Padre Pio in Scotland
Floral arrangement
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The town of Pietrelcina
Pietrelcina is a pretty little town situated high on a hill. Much of it's medieval
architecture is retained in the old part, with its steep and narrow streets.
Padre Pio's home

Anothe rview of Padre Pio's home
Padre Pio's home - other view
The house where Padre Pio was born on the 25th May 1887 is at No. 32, Vico Storto Valle in the town.
The house at No 28 Vico Storto Valle (below) was also rented by Padre Pio's father, Grazio.
The house in Vico Storto Valle no. 28
The Church if St Mary of the Angels
St. Mary of the Angels (Santa Maria Degli Angeli)
is the main church of Pietrelcina, situated in the
square of the Holy Assumption.
Padre Pio started his apostolate in this church,
performing his first baptism and celebrating his first
mass. Padre Pio is also said to have meditated and
experienced religious ecstasy in this church. Inside,
we find a bronze statue of the Saint and in 2000 a new
bronze main door, blessed by the Pope John Paul II,
was added. There are engravings with scenes from
Padre Pio''s life.
The church was severly damaged by an earthquake
but has since been restored.
Church of The Sacred Family
This is the beautiful church, dedicated to the Sacred
Family, and the Capuchin Convent which were built
in 1926 and financed by Mary Pyle. They were built
in the place indicated to Mary Pyle, by Padre Pio.
(The Convent is situated at the back and on the left
side of the church)
The Convent today houses a Museum dedicated to
Padre Pio's life.
Sant' Anna Church

The Church of Sant' Anna where Padre Pio was
baptised and confirmed.
The church was restored, after being derelict for many
years, by the The Padre Pio Foundation of America.
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Floral banner
Padre Pio was particularly fond of flowers
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